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Services at Ahead Start

Ahead Start Driving School has a wide range of courses to suit all driving standards, from beginner to refresher even to the experienced!

The Ahead Start Driving School coaching programme

If you are looking for quality tuition to match your needs, then Robin Yates of Ahead Start Driving School will provide a targeted coaching plan to get the best out of you, ensuring rapid progress to achieve your goals.

Your instructor will adhere to the ADI Code of Practice (see the link below)

Before your first lesson you will need to have provided access to your licence details through the Entitlement to Drive Check Code generated through the website:

You will be provided with details of what to do to with this.

You will need to bring your driving licence.

Payment will need to be made at the start of the lesson as previously agreed.

An eyesight check will be carried out to ensure that you comply with the minimum legal requirement (modern style number plate at 20m).

The sessions continually identify what you want to achieve and any obstacles to your progress.

We combine the application of theory into the practical session so that you can clarify any questions you may have.

Throughout the sessions there are opportunities to self-evaluate, review understanding and progress.

You can direct what you want to achieve and set appropriate goals through discussion and agreement.

Appropriate training areas are chosen jointly.

Opportunities to practice and review are identified and the level and type of help you need is agreed; such as explanation / demonstration/ practice.

By finding out your individual learning preferences (trying it out, watching or listening - or a combination of these styles)

Progress can be accelerated and matched to your needs in order to become a safe driver for life.

You will study or refresh your theory knowledge and hazard perception so that you are able to interpret information whilst on the move and apply the rules of the Highway Code.

Sessions will also include the use of Satellite Navigation, car performance data and dashboard information.

Basic car maintenance is covered through the “Show and Tell” practical questions which are included in the driving test.

During sessions reference is made to the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) National standard for driving cars and light vans (Category B). Free digital copies can be obtained at:

This will ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of what is expected and can apply practically your knowledge and understanding appropriately.

Each session is monitored and recorded so that there is a training record that will help inform planning of subsequent sessions.

This will also enable you to check what you have done and how independently it was carried out.

During the sessions you will be provided with support as appropriate whilst carrying out the task to both ensure your own safety and that of other road users.

There will be suitable opportunities to review the level of performance and progress. You will be encouraged to self-evaluate your own performance.

Ultimately when you are ready, you will be encouraged to take full length (40 minutes) mock tests, usually having carried out some shorter independent sessions previously. These are a great preparation for the practical test and often highlight areas still to work on.

In order to take the practical test you must have a valid theory test certificate and be competent to drive independently.

The judgement on whether you are ready is best achieved through mock tests and assessments.

The number of hours you will need from complete beginner to test standard varies considerably between individuals.

The time and date of the test booking will be mutually agreed.

You will be able to take your test at either Bury St Edmunds or Kings Lynn test centres so you should allow extra hours of tuition from rural areas to the training areas for the more intensive town driving.

Much of the early training and work on manoeuvres can be carried out in your nearest local town (e.g. Downham, Brandon and Thetford).

Lessons can be started and finished in different places by agreement in advance.

Ensure that you obtain the necessary insurance to drive your vehicle

The driving test pass certificate will act as your licence until your full licence is received

Visit the Safe Driving for Life website for lots of useful information

You will be able to take your test at either Bury St Edmunds or Kings Lynn test centres so you should allow extra hours of tuition from rural areas to the training areas for the more intensive town driving.

Consider taking the Pass Plus course which is designed to help develop positive driving skills, attitudes and behaviours and make you a safer driver!

Enjoy your independence responsibly!

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